What does FOX support?

The FOX (Friends Of eXtension) provides funds to the Colorado State University Extension in El Paso County for programming needs above and beyond the annual budget.

The annual garden tour is the main source of income. Over $18,000 has been give toward programming that would not have happened otherwise.

In 2016 and 2017 the El Paso Extension offered the Colorado Building Farmers program which guided entrepreneurs in preparing business plans to launch local agriculture related businesses.


In 2016, FOX approved money for the Family and Consumer Science agent, Briana Rockler, to purchase a Blender Bike. El Paso County Extension is actively working to identify novel approaches to promote nutrition and health in the community, and publicize Extension as a reliable source of information.

Through various programs, CSU Extension contributes to statewide efforts to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, increase physical activity, and decrease overweight/obesity risk in Colorado. While Colorado is considered the leanest state in the nation for adults, El Paso County ranks higher than our state average for obesity rates. Colorado ranks 23rd for childhood obesity for children aged 2-14 years.

Nutrition and Health Promotion is one of the primary functions of Family and Consumer Science programming for Colorado State University Extension, providing research-based education to a variety of audiences across Colorado in an effort to promote safe and healthful eating habits and a physically active lifestyle. Adoption of these behaviors can enhance the overall health and wellbeing of children, youth, adults, and the growing senior population.

The interactive display, using the Blender Bike, creates an educational opportunity for key Extension programming related to nutrition and physical activity. It could also be used as an educational tool for focus topics related to Extension such as energy conservation and quick composting.


By attending the FOX Open Garden Tour, you support local education and work force preparedness.

Thank you!