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FOX EPC Inc., now a 501c(3) organization, envisions that the Colorado State University Extension office in El Paso County will always be open and operational to support the public’s ongoing need for research based information in:

  • 4-H Youth Development
  • Horticulture/Natural Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Nutrition Education
  • Family Consumer Science

Jones_220 Roxbury Circle_CoSpgs-CO_LAH_6167Friends of Extension (FOX) Garden Tour

Since 2011, the FOX Garden Tour has been our main source of fundraising. Another fabulous tour is being planned for 2019. Ticket information will be made available as plans are finalized.

What people are saying:

“Indeed, glowing reports from people who attended Through the Gardener’s Gate (2013) included comments that it was one of the finest tours in the country. ”  Linda Navarro, Colorado Springs Gazette Reporter/Nonprofit event columnist

“A unique feature of the FOX Garden Tours is the presence of knowledgeable Colorado Master Gardeners to answer any questions you may have. Don’t miss this opportunity to view sustainable gardening practices that provide beauty and habitat for life forms large and small.”  Coreen Toll, avid gardener,  Manitou Springs City Council

“Participating in the 2015 Friends of Extension Garden Tour was an outstanding experience.  It was a great motivator to get my garden in shape; an unforgettable opportunity to include my grandchildren in the process; and a wonderful way to meet others who care about the experience of stewarding a garden.  On the tour days, the guests were courteous.  Many were quite informed about gardening and shared fascinating tidbits and insights about my plants and trees.  Overall, it was a most enjoyable, gentle, and neighborly experience.” -Martin Nusbaum, homeowner

From the 2018 FOX Tour:

“My little postage stamp yard was one of ten featured gardens on this year’s tour. When I was asked if I was interested in participating, I was excited by the idea, but a little hesitant because of all the serious medical issues my family has been dealing with since 2013. I couldn’t be more pleased to have been a part of this event. 

The planning and preparation for welcoming so many curious, beauty-loving people into my yard gave me the opportunity to delve back into my love of gardening and find focus and serenity in the soil and the labor. I have met so many wonderful people (who happen to be gardeners) and have learned so much in the process. I’m hopeful many of these new relationships will be lasting, and I will find a way to become involved with FOX and other gardening-related programs now that I’m aware of them! 

I encourage anyone invited to exhibit her garden on the tour to find a way to say, “yes.” You’ll be glad you did.”   Jen K.


“Kudos to all involved in making this tour a success. The organization of everything was simply amazing.  Just wanted you to know that we had an absolute blast; we learned from so many of the visitors to our garden. We’ve come to the conclusion that gardeners are an extra special group of wonderful people!

We’re still humbled to have been chosen to participate. If you ever have a potential gardener who is on the fence about being a part of the tour and need a “recommendation”, we’ll be happy to share our experience with them. Thanks for everything!”     Julie and Joe W.