2022 Colorado Springs Garden Tour

“From Ashes to Beauty: A Decade of Recovery from the Waldo Canyon Fire”

July 9 & 10, 2022. We had extremely hot temperatures during the tour this year, but despite the heat we had a wonderful 755 attendees to these fantastic 8 private home gardens plus a community garden at Foothills Elementary School. We celebrated the incredible recovery of these neighborhoods from the disastrous Waldo Canyon fire and learned more about fire mitigation in this part of Colorado Springs. El Paso County Master Gardeners contributed with educational opportunities about gardening in our region during the tour.

2021 Colorado Springs Garden Tour

“A Midsummer Stroll Through the Old North End”

July 9 & 10, 2021. We had our most successful garden tour as we celebrated the tenth year of our tour with 1,244 attendees who enjoyed the nine private gardens of the Old North End neighborhood. At these lovely gardens cultivated by homeowners in this historic part of town, visitors were treated to delightful flower beds and many creative designs. Tour guests had opportunities for horticultural education by our Colorado Master Gardeners at each home.

2019 (newly named) Colorado Springs Garden Tour

“Westward Hoe — Taming the Wild West Garden”


June 29 & 30, 2019. Over 704 garden enthusiasts enjoyed six private gardens and the lovely Charmaine Nymann Community Garden in Colorado Springs’ Westside neighborhood.  From terraced gardens designed by homeowners to creatively decorated gardens, the tour was filled with delightful flowers and many captivating designs.  Tour guests were introduced to lovely perennials, native plants and annuals and had opportunities for education by our Colorado Master Gardeners at each site.

💚 If you missed this tour, click HERE for a fun video memory.

2018 FOX Open Garden Tour

“Just Dig It! DIY Gardening!”FoxTour2018_0402

June 14 & 15, 2018.   500 people attending this year’s tour which was held in Northcentral neighborhoods of the Colorado Springs. Four homeowners in University Park demonstrated how to successfully garden along with deer, rabbits, porcupines, bears, high winds and drought. All were successful producing native and xeric plants that provided color, texture and a place for hummingbirds and butterflies.  Traveling to Village Seven, a well-established neighborhood, new ideas for gardeners were available including container gardening, how to make leaf mold, install drip irrigation and the benefit of rain gardens. The next stop, gardeners further east learned how to turn disappointments into opportunities. A barren yard is now a serene oasis; a community garden is active in Old Farm with 58 garden plots; with a view of Pikes Peak, one gardener makes changes as she increases in garden knowledge; and the last garden evolved over 17 years into a suburban backyard homestead.  DIY gardening—You gotta’ dig it!

2017 FOX Open Garden Tour

Who knew it? In Patty Jewett?”


June 24 & 25, 2017. Over 650 garden enthusiasts enjoyed ten private gardens in the historic Patty Jewett neighborhood. From the garden on Shooks Run trail to the garden on Shooks Run creek, the tour was nearly walkable and surely bike-able.  One 1922 bungalow was under restoration with the thought of selling when the owners fell in love with the property, started a cottage garden and installed a sunken entertainment area, keeping the home for themselves. From chickens to gabion walls, raised beds for vegetables and herbs, and a nearly no-water front yard, tour guests were  educated by Colorado Master Gardeners at each site.

2016 FOX Open Garden Tour

“Broadmoor Blooms”Dailey_2759 Rigel Drive_CoSpgs-CO_LAH_6466

July 16 & 17, 2016. Over 700 garden enthusiasts enjoyed  six private gardens plus the Harlan Wolfe Ranch, managed by Pikes Peak Urban  (PPUG). There were lots of flowers in bloom and many delighted visitors! From a 1927 bungalow to a home where 50% of the turf had been replaced with hundreds of perennials, many guests were introduced to new plants and gained ideas for their own landscape. A historic tuberculosis hut was seen in one of the gardens. This sixth annual tour did not disappoint!

2015 FOX Open Garden Tour

“Hidden Gems in the Old North End”2015GardenTour_0163

July 18 & 19, 2015.  Over 800 visitors strolled between eight gardens in the historic Old North End of Colorado Springs. Tree-lined streets provided a delightful venue for guests visiting the gardens in one of the town’s favorite neighborhoods. Located just north of Colorado College, the Old North End Neighborhood was established  between 1890 and 1900. There were many historic trees and fond memories of how the gardens came to be. Read more about the ONEN.  Included on the tour was the Colorado College Student Farm which is managed by CC students.

💚 Click HERE for the link to a lovely slide show of the Old North End Tour

2014 FOX Open Garden Tour

“West Side Garden Story II – Creative Gardening in Challenging Times”FoxGardenTour2014_0159

August 2 & 3, 2014. Over 450 visitors enjoyed seven unique landscapes during the fourth annual FOX Open Garden Tour. Located once again on the west side of Colorado Springs, visitors no doubt found a favorite among the selection of gardens from a small restful  landscape to a private garden in a gated community overlooking Garden of the Gods. The garden owners each took a special interest in a certain aspect of their garden, from producing a bountiful summer harvest, to attracting pollinators, or creating an area to entertain guests. The Colorado Springs Utilities Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, a garden open to the public, was also featured on the tour.

💚 Click HERE for a link to the West Side Garden Story II video.

2013 FOX Open Garden Tour

“Through the Gardener’s Gate – Southwest Springs”


July 13 & 14, 2013. Over 600 visitors were welcomed over two days to view some of the most spectacular gardens in southwest Colorado Springs – gems that you didn’t know existed. From the Broadmoor Valley on the south to Gold Camp Road on the north, seven gardens demonstrated what can be done to overcome unique hillside properties, poor soil, deer browsing, dry vistas, deep shade, and turf removal. This was a year to see garden rooms, ponds, border plantings, beautiful container plantings, bee hives, and a geodesic dome greenhouse.

💚 Click HERE for a link to the Through the Garden Gate video.

2012 FOX Open Garden Tour

“West Side Garden Story”


August 11 & 12, 2012.  This tour attracted over 250 visitors. Featuring eight gardens from Mesa Road to Manitou Springs, visitors saw native gardens both large and small, a water-wise cottage garden, a colorful landscape planted on a mountainside, a magical Asian garden with a surprise area for vegetables, and gardens that overlooked Red Rock Canyon on the south end of the tour and Garden of the Gods on the north.

💚 For gardening inspiration, click HERE to see a video of this tour.

2011 FOX Open Garden Tour

“How Do They Do It?”


July 9 & 10,  2011. Out first year, just over 100 visitors saw first-hand how easy it is to create great gardens in small landscapes. Six gardens, located in the Village Seven area, demonstrated how to accomplish beautiful outdoor areas that are water-wise, deer resistant, and creative. Use of well-placed hardscape and a variety of  plant zones added to the delight of visitors. Tags were placed on plants that have been identified for the Plant Select program.